Many of the things modern moms worry about are based on Mommy Myths that have little or no basis in fact.

For example:

There is a significant chance that my child could be abducted by a stranger.

New research shows that 2% milk is now thought to be better than whole milk for toddlers.

Homework helps grade school kids excel in school.

We are engaged moms who are tired of being bullied by the media and “parenting experts”. We’ve seen parenting trends and scares come and go like yesterdays gossip. We’ve learned to listen to that gut feeling that tells us, “I don’t believe it,” and we want the truth. Here, mommy myths are exposed to the light and pitted against credible sources of information. You can decide for yourself. You’ll probably find that most of the time we’ve only been believing the hype when, actually, the truth will set us free. Then we can all get back to what we’d dearly love to do, RELAX and enjoy our kids!

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