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Warm thanks to all who have read and left such passionate and insightful comments to these articles.  This website has been a project of mine through the phase of early motherhood.  Now that my children are getting older I am fortunate to be able to resume my former career in film and television, and communicate to an even broader audience through those media.  I will not be adding new articles to this blog, but will leave this modest collection for you to read and to provoke thought.  Mommy Myth Buster has been a forum through which I have presented uncommon perspectives on common parenting topics.  Although not everyone agrees with the ideas presented here, I feel the value lies in expanding our conceptions about what is “true”, inspiring dialog, and empowering parents to think critically about sound bytes that are presented as “facts”.  I feel articles in this blog have done that.  I would love to stay in touch with those of you who are also involved in media.  Please stop by the website for our film and video production company, Kids Creek Productions, if you have ideas to share in the realm of entertainment.

I wish your family health and happiness.

Angeline Duran Piotrowski

Myth 27: “Natural” Childbirth Is Natural For Everyone

childbirthThe tools and methods used or not used to deliver babies are “natural” subjective only to the culture with which one identifies. Continue reading

Myth 26: “Better Safe Than Sorry” Is Rational Thinking has spoofed the syndrome that many of us concerned parents are vulnerable to — access to and believing too much scary information and believing our children are extremely vulnerable to harm. Their June 1, 2009 piece called “Alt Text: Beware Nebulous Internet Disease” starts with this jab, “The infection typically begins when the victim reads about an unusual affliction on a news site or current-events blog. Upon reading, the victim begins to experience one or more symptoms of that disease, typically minor symptoms such as a scratchy throat or slightly reddened area of skin.” – Wired Continue reading

Announcement! Smart moms go underground

In our media-lead world where fear is pushed as a means to sell more product, there is a movement brewing. Moms, who by definition have the best intuitive sense of any creature on the planet, are standing up and saying, “We won’t be played like that!” These moms are examining the current parenting culture that brings us baby knee pads, professional baby-proofers, and child-tracking devices, and they are saying, “We won’t buy it.” Those moms are going underground…

They are saying a lot of other things too, in the titles of their books… “Homework Is Hurting Our Children & What We Can Do About It”, and “We Should All Stop Worrying & Start Living”, and “Ignorning The Experts May Be Best For Your Child”

They are saying it in the titles of their blogs.. “Giving our kids the freedom we had without going nuts with worry”, and “There is no “right way” to rear a child”, and “Lose the Guilt, Love Your Instincts”.

undergroundmomswidgetIt is an underground movement of common sense that is raising the volume of the voice of reason. That movement now also has a homepage No, it isn’t another social networking site (one more of those and the internet might explode), it is simply a referral source of great reading for smart moms who share a common value, freeing themselves from baseless restrictions and “raising the volume of the voice of reason” If you are already reading this blog, you are probably an Underground Mom too. You will enjoy the reading referrals you will find there. Free the people! (At least free the moms.)

Myth 13: School shootings are an epidemic.

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (in their report “The School Shooter: A Threat Assessment Perspective”) cautions that people should be cynical about news coverage of school shootings. The FBI says that the news coverage of those events are “inherently hasty” and rely on “sources who themselves have incomplete or inaccurate information”. They also say to be wary of reports issued by academics, researchers, and other specialists because they frequently lack critical confidential information that is only available to law enforcement officials.

Here are a few myths that the news media has perpetuated about school shooters that the FBI says are just plain wrong: Continue reading

Myth 12: Feed baby veggies before fruits.

We’ve all heard the warning, “introduce baby to vegetables before fruits or she will only want to eat sweet foods”. And well intentioned parents, who fed their baby bananas as one of her first foods, fret over visions of a future obese child who crosses her arms at the sight of a carrot and screams for Twinkies.

Continue reading

Myth 11: You should tell your kids about Stranger Danger.

Penn & Teller busted this myth in their Showtime show “Bullshit“, the episode about Stranger Danger. Watch a clip from this episode… click here>>

They interviewed Erin Runnion, founder of The Joyful Child Foundation, and mother to Samantha who was abducted, raped and murdered just before her 6th birthday. Erin believes that parents should take a very proactive role in protecting their children. Even though her child was tragically abducted to the worst possible effect, she still understands that the primary child predators are not strangers, but people that the family knows and trusts. More surprisingly, she advocates against teaching children about “stranger danger”. She feels that it is the parent’s role to be concerned for a child’s safety, it is not the child’s responsibility to worry about that. She feels that it is a child’s right to grow up feeling that the world is a safe and loving place. It is the parent’s responsibility to protect in appropriate ways.

The episode will rerun on Showtime:

08/09/08 11:45 PM ET/PT
08/09/08 01:15 AM ET/PT
08/10/08 11:00 PM ET/PT
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