Thank You

Warm thanks to all who have read and left such passionate and insightful comments to these articles.  This website has been a project of mine through the phase of early motherhood.  Now that my children are getting older I am fortunate to be able to resume my former career in film and television, and communicate to an even broader audience through those media.  I will not be adding new articles to this blog, but will leave this modest collection for you to read and to provoke thought.  Mommy Myth Buster has been a forum through which I have presented uncommon perspectives on common parenting topics.  Although not everyone agrees with the ideas presented here, I feel the value lies in expanding our conceptions about what is “true”, inspiring dialog, and empowering parents to think critically about sound bytes that are presented as “facts”.  I feel articles in this blog have done that.  I would love to stay in touch with those of you who are also involved in media.  Please stop by the website for our film and video production company, Kids Creek Productions, if you have ideas to share in the realm of entertainment.

I wish your family health and happiness.

Angeline Duran Piotrowski

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