Angeline Duran Piotrowski

(Photo courtesy of Priceless Photography)

I love my kids. I never want any harm to befall them in any way. That is why I am vulnerable to believing all of the scary stories that make headlines about parenthood. All of this worrying has made me hyper-responsible and nervous to the point that it becomes difficult to just relax and enjoy my children. I call this being a Parentaholic. I read and I listen and I discuss every incarnation of parenting “should” until it becomes overwhelming. But something has changed over the past five years that I’ve been a parent. I’ve started to notice scare fads come and go. I’ve seen parenting stories that made scary headlines be debunked and shattered and I had to start asking myself, “Why did I waste all that time worrying when it wasn’t even true?”

Now I look upon certain media scares with a critical eye. I know not to believe, out-of-hand, the things that I hear in news sound bites or in playgroup. I look to credible primary sources for real answers. I’m tired of being a Parentaholic. I prefer to let the truth set me free. That’s why I am now a Mommy Myth Buster.

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