Moms are always being told what they “should” be doing to be good parents.  By the time you are on your second child, or your first child has hit the 5-year mark, you’ve seen a few of these should-trends come and go like yesterday’s gossip.  But what about the new moms who are constantly bombarded with information and advice?  They need to know which of these Mommy Myths they can delete from their mommy databrains.  What advice did you once let get under your skin then come to realize was a total waste of worry time?

Post your comment as a reply on this page. Let’s see if we can bust that myth.

4 Responses

  1. Vaccine scares! I just saw another one last night on TV and parents are villianized while the facts never supported mass immunization from day one. My rule is to follow the money, do your homework and really anaylize the studies and the methods used wherever possible. So, do we really think it is some concerned medical group paying for all of the commercials and bad publicity on news magazine type shows? Pharmaceutical companies make a ton of money convincing people that they need their products. Rather than eating and living healthy, take this pill. Why stop there when there seems to be no end to the drugs we “need”? Don’t stress about the side effects and liver damage they cause or that they are even found to be ineffective. There oughta be a law, but wait, their lobbyists are better funded.

    The rant is over.

    P.S. I love this site, it is informative and funny too. The bathing suit one was a hoot.

  2. Feeding infants. This and safe wonderful co-sleeping, but that’s another rant.

    Feeding babies gets me more hate mail and more comments than any other piece of advice. I have four children, the oldest 15, the youngest 1, and all started (as now recommended) on table foods at 6 months. And they can have peanut products, shellfish, and more. The information is out there to show it’s safe, easy, recommended, and healthy, but it goes against what some “expert” says in a book or what some stranger said in a birthboard on the Internet, so therefore it must be wrong. Cracks me up.

    Here’s most of the info:

    I love your blog!

  3. Kids being safer if you drive them everywhere. In my EXTREMELY safe neighbourhood, we were the ONLY family walking our daughter to school everyday. Even with the weather nicer, I see maybe 15 other families on either end.

  4. Hate, hate, hate, it when people make you feel like a particular stroller/ car seat/ crib/ whatever baby gear is DEFINITELY better than other brands/ types. Whatever works for your family is what I say. Hand-me-downs even better.

    Here’s a good stroller rant:

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