Myth 34: All Hand Sanitizers Sanitize

The great savior of germ conscious parents far and wide is the gel based hand sanitizer.  Pocket size bottles of it emerge from diaper bags and purses after potentially infectious encounters with playgrounds, before eating in public restaurants, and even discreetly after playdates with friends who have suspiciously runny noses.  Applying the astringent makes us feel in control, but are we being effective? The quick and dirty answer is Yes and No. Continue reading

Myth 18: Light drinking in pregnancy is bad for children.

11-7wineChildren born to mothers who drink lightly during pregnancy – as defined as 1–2 units per week or per occasion – are not at increased risk of behavioral difficulties or cognitive deficits compared with children of abstinent mothers, according to a new study led by researchers at University College London (UCL)

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