Table of Contents

Myth 21: Carseats are safer than seatbelts for ages 2+.

Myth 20: Avoiding peanuts prevents allergy.

Myth 19: Flu shots don’t work in “bad vaccine match” years.

Myth 18: Light drinking in pregnancy is bad for children.

Myth 17: Kids like candy better than fruits and veggies.

Myth 16: Gorging on candy rots your teeth

Myth 15: It’s proven that cell phones cause cancer.

Myth 14: Video games encourage violent behavior.

Myth 13: School shootings are an epidemic.

Myth 12: Feed baby veggies before fruits.

Myth 11: You should tell your kids about Stranger Danger.

Myth 10: Baby bottles with BPA are dangerous.

Myth 9: Reading and writing cause nearsightedness.

Myth 8: Swim suits with mom skirts hide flaws.

Myth 7: A married, live-in, biological father is always best.

Myth 6: A small child who hits is being mean.

Myth 5: Sexism is a fact.

Myth 4: I can’t “make” hubby be a better dad.

Myth 3: 2% milk is now better for toddlers.

Myth 2: Kidnappers are usually strangers.

Myth 1: It’s the government’s job to test for lead.

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