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    Many parenting "news" items are lies, myths, exaggerations and marketing designed to scare parents into buying products. Here we bust up those myths and reveal the truth so we can relax and enjoy parenthood.
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Myth 21: Carseats are safer than seatbelts for ages 2+.

Myth 20: Avoiding peanuts prevents allergy.

Myth 19: Flu shots don’t work in “bad vaccine match” years.

Myth 18: Light drinking in pregnancy is bad for children.

Myth 17: Kids like candy better than fruits and veggies.

Myth 16: Gorging on candy rots your teeth

Myth 15: It’s proven that cell phones cause cancer.

Myth 14: Video games encourage violent behavior.

Myth 13: School shootings are an epidemic.

Myth 12: Feed baby veggies before fruits.

Myth 11: You should tell your kids about Stranger Danger.

Myth 10: Baby bottles with BPA are dangerous.

Myth 9: Reading and writing cause nearsightedness.

Myth 8: Swim suits with mom skirts hide flaws.

Myth 7: A married, live-in, biological father is always best.

Myth 6: A small child who hits is being mean.

Myth 5: Sexism is a fact.

Myth 4: I can’t “make” hubby be a better dad.

Myth 3: 2% milk is now better for toddlers.

Myth 2: Kidnappers are usually strangers.

Myth 1: It’s the government’s job to test for lead.

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