Myth 2: Kidnappers are usually strangers.

ImageThe Department of Justice reports that there are only 115 stereotypical kidnappings per year, in which a stranger or acquaintance abducts a child to hold for ransom or abuse and kill him or her. Who are all those other missing kids? Some are kids who have been taken by non-custodial parents or relatives. Most are teenagers running away with friends or lovers. Who are all of these “sexually abused missing kids”? Teenages who are too young to have consentual sex, but old enough to like it. How long does it typically take to get the missing kids back home? Less than 24 hours. Do we need to have high blood pressure over the possibility of little Timmy being abducted in the supermarket? Not likely.

I’m not making this up. The facts just don’t support the fear and hype we have all come to believe and I, for one, am greatly relieved.

Read the Department of Justice report…

Download the PDF of the report directly from this link…

Read the Department of Justice Q&A Fact Sheet about the report…

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